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Self-Care Tips for Busy Bees: The Ultimate Guide


Another week, another hustle! If you live entirely by this mantra then self-care might be a myth to you, and you’re probably a productivity addict. While there’s no shame in this game, a burnout could creep in if you don’t start pacing yourself.

Self-care isn’t a hippy excuse for lazy individuals like some people assume. It’s 2022, and the assignment every day is very simple. Your mental and physical health is just as important as the amount of work you produce. Read that again if you have to! And yeah, we said “simple” not easy cause it might seem far-fetched if you’re someone who thrives on being a busy bee. 

Check out 7 effective tips to help you practice some self-care this week…

1. Get Enough Sleep 

Sleep is an important form of self-care but it almost feels like a luxury these days. In other words, not everybody consistently gets some or sees getting enough as a necessity. But to put it plainly, your brain needs all the sleep it can get to function at the flash capacity you need it to. Try a solid 7-9 hours if you can. How? Put that laptop or phone away, make sure your room is at 60-70° F cause your body temperature decreases at night, and you can try calming rain or wave sounds on sleeping apps. 


2. Do some Exercise for  at Least 20mins Daily

Moving your body and getting your heart rate up is undoubtedly self-care-appropriate. For at least 20 minutes a day, make sure you engage in some form of physical activity that helps you break a sweat and avoid being stagnant for 24 hours. Take a stroll or have your personal dance concert, whatever vibe suits you best.


3. Give Yourself A Treat

From indulging a craving and watching your favourite show to using words of affirmation on yourself, this is super functional. Give yourself some love in every way you can during the day. You can even create a playlist of songs that spark memories you cherish to listen to while you tick stuff off your to-do list. Think of it, it’ll be like a soundtrack for your life…so make it good!


4. Meditate

Namaste Baby! One of the beautiful things about self-care is the mental weight it lifts off your subconscious, and meditation is a highly recommended go-to for this. It helps you put things in perspective if you’re an overthinker and increases your level of self-awareness. You can start your day with it, set a mid-day reminder or end your day doing it. It’s a healthy habit.


5. Develop a Habit of Gratitude 

Yep, being thankful is always a good idea. For example, you can make a habit of listing five things you’re grateful for every day. Whether it’s loved ones, material things or personal qualities, it helps to alleviate stress and live in the present rather than stressing on what you don’t have.


6. Say No 

Ugh, you’d never know how much of a relief this is until you try it. There’s so much power in saying no and declining anything that will affect your peace of mind or not serve you positively. Not only does it take off undue pressure, but it shows that you care for and value yourself. 


7.  Take time off when you need to

Call it a day of nothingness or a day of bliss. Either way, taking time off from your busy schedule is important…you’re not a robot. So take a whole day or a couple off when you can to reflect, refuel and just REST.


Image credits: pexels.


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