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As much as we like to feel like we’re perfect beings without any flaws, we actually do have flaws. 

Whether you eat too much, you snore while you sleep, or even watch too much TV, it’s all bad habits.

Today, I’ll be discussing six ways you can take to start on a journey of breaking this bad habit of yours;

Pinpoint the behavior you want to change

Know exactly what it is you want to change in your habits. When you know your bad habits, working towards changing them becomes easier as all that becomes required is now the willpower to actually change it.

Attach a punishment to each  bad habit to break

You can also decide to fine yourself for any of the bad habit your break. The easiest way to do these is to pay your friend a certain amount whenever they find you breaking the habit you so wish to change. 

You could as well keep a swear jar to keep money in for any bad habit you break.

Know what makes you do these bad habits

Understand what triggers you to make these bad habits. You can check out the five cues of every bad habit, and begin to walk from there to break your bad habit.

Take a  month  out to think of your bad habits before taking action

Changing a bad habit takes time, therefore really think deeply about your bad habits. What are they? Why do you want to break them? What do they cost you? etc., and become prepared to tackle this habit head-on.

Find  a valid reason to quit

Knowing that a bad habit is bad doesn’t actually help in breaking them. Instead, consider why you wish to break this habit. Make this reason so strong that you’d have to be compelled to actually stop these bad habits

Change your environment

At times, the environment plays a role in one’s bad habits. 

You can decide to change your environment completely or take out one or two things to help you switch up your psych a little. 

For example, if you always smoke in a certain location continuously,  stop going to that environment or make it a habit to go with someone who will hold you liable and accountable for every one of your bad habits you break. That way, it becomes easier to work towards actually breaking those bad habits.

Now that you have six ways to break your bad habits, I hope you begin to work towards actually breaking them today!

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