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6 Things To Watch If You’re Craving A Vacation

When you live in Nigeria, a vacation will always call your name. From the gripping claws of working 9-5 to the hustle and bustle of Lagos, escapism is essential. To this effect, the magic of cinema exists to console and rejuvenate your mind.

In other words, vacations in movies or video content in general connote a deep sense of excitement. Even more interesting, the adventures make you feel like you’re part of the plot with a dash of main character energy. Whether its finding love, self-care or anything remotely passionate and audacious, a plethora of stories are available to feed your curiosity.

Check out 6 Things to Watch If You’re Craving A Vacation…

1. Tayo Aina’s YouTube Channel

Tayo Aina is a Nigerian entrepreneur and travel vlogger who doesn’t fail to give you quality content. From beautiful landmarks and cultural assets to food, and people…he’s your ultimate tour guide!

2. Love in the Villa

In this Netflix flick, a young woman takes a trip to Verona, Italy, after a break up, only to find that the villa she reserved was double-booked, and she’ll have to share her vacation with an interesting British man. P.s, if you’re a hopeless romantic, you’d love this!

3. Eat, Pray, Love

When it comes to the journey of self-discovery, Eat, Pray, Love gives the perfect vacation spots to go to. From delivering cues on emotional vulnerability in Bali and India to the best pizza in Italy, it’s a must-watch.

4. The Best Man Holiday

Yeah Yeah Yeah, we know Christmas is still three months away but if you’ve been too busy to hangout with your friends, then this is a movie you should watch. It follows the lives of college friends as they reunite for the holiday with their families, exploring drama and romance.

5. Girl’s Trip

This comedic cine captures the ups and downs of friendship with quality drama. Whether you want to laugh or cry, it’s your go-to as four best pals visit the exciting city of New Orleans.

6. Roman Holiday

Take a trip back in time to 1953 Rome with this black and white classic. It tells the tale of a princess trying to stay incognito but falls in love with a reporter who realizes her identity.

7. Emily in Paris

Lastly, if you haven’t seen Emily in Paris on Netflix, you’re missing out on a free mental trip. Premiering it’s 3rd season soon, it shows the life of a marketing executive who gets transferred to a firm in Paris. From food, fashion and the best of drama that the city has to offer, it’ll have you wanting to pack your bags for a quick trip.

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