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5 Things To Do This Weekend If You’re Stressed or Burnt Out


Isn’t it weird that sometimes, we actually don’t look forward to the weekends? If you fall in this category, it’s perfectly normal and okay. In other words, sometimes our weeks get so busy and overwhelming that we lost the vim to unwind or treat ourselves because of tired we end up being.

However, when it comes to weekend blues, there are a lot of things to try out or do to get you out of your funk. Even more convenient, some of them don’t require you going out or leaving the comfort of your home to engage in them. All you need to to do is make the best of what is around you to satisfy whatever part of your life craves some self-care.

So if you’re looking for ways to destress, we’ve got you!

Check out 5 things to do this weekend if you’re burnt out…

1. Practice relaxation techniques

From meditation and deep breathing to yoga and aroma therapy, relaxation techniques give your body and mind the rejuvenation needed. They help to calm you down, practice mindfulness and release the tension you’ve carried physically through the week.

2. Disconnect

Get off your phone this weekend! Log out of your one thousand social media apps and take a break. Not only does this declutter your mind, but it also gives you enough time to spend with your thoughts away from anybody else’s opinions about you or whatever’s trending or not.

3. Pamper yourself

Basically, have a self-care day doing delicate therapeutic things like skincare, self-massages, cooking or ordering your favorite meals with some scented candles around. Think of it as a date with yourself.

4. Read or watch something

Escaping into a different world through reading a book or watching a movie can be a fantastic way to relax. Choose genres that you find enjoyable and draw yourself into a captivating story.

5. Get proper sleep

You know that fulfilling, calm and relaxed feeling of waking up from a long nap? Get that this weekend by sleeping for more than 5 hours. Turn off your devices and lights, get cozy in bed or your favorite couch and nap away!

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