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5 Ways To Make A Comeback From a Mess-Up


If there’s one thing we can all relate to, it’s messing up. In other words, we’re all human and we’re bound to make mistakes that require some sort of recovery. From romantic relationships and friendships to work, there are inevitable moments where you say to yourself “I just f*cked up”.

To be completely honest, making a comeback from a mess-up isn’t the easiest thing to do  but it’s achievable. What you want to do is be accountable, open and honest about the situation. The last thing you want to do is deny the reality or wallow in self-pity. Remember, the goal should be to come out of it not dwell in it as a victim or villain.

So if you’re beating yourself up about a recent problem, we’ve got you!

Check out 5 ways to make a comeback from a mess-up…

1. Take Responsibility

The first step to recovery is admitting what you’ve done or your role in the situation. Basically, you want to acknowledge your faults without making excuses and blaming other people. Not only does this help you become more mature, but it also helps you regain trust and respect.

2. Apologize

Don’t be the woman or man that can’t say the word ‘sorry’. If your mistake has affected other people, you need to apologize sincerely and genuinely. This determines how much damage you can control and it’s important to back it up with actions and make amends.

3. Make improvement a mission

Rather than fixating on the mistake, channel your energy into self-improvement. By demonstrating growth and progress, you can show that you’ve learned from the experience and are committed to becoming better.

4. Avoid repetition

Don’t be the guy or babe that makes a mess on a streak. Imagine messing up and people not being surprised by it, that sucks. So it’s vital to make a promise to yourself to avoid repeating mess-ups over and over again.

5. Seek support and guidance

Finally, if you know you need some help, seek some. Whether it’s a therapist or close friends and family, it’s okay to ask for some support. This gives you accountability partners and cheerleaders.

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