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Go on The Trip Of Your Dreams Without Breaking The Bank


Mauritius, Thailand, Seychelles, Greece…which of these stunning hot tourist spots have you been craving to visit? If you’re like me, your answer would be all of them! And before you start checking your wallet or laughing at your bank account, know that it’s possible.

In other words, with strategic planning and intentional budgeting, your passport can be your ticket to paradise over and over again. Whether you’re a busy 9-5er or adventurous entrepreneur or freelancer, you can travel more often and for less money. All you need to do is carve out your desired locations, take an intricate look at your finances and kickstart your plans.

Need some help on how to do this properly? We’ve got you as always!

Check out 4 tips to plan your dream vacation without breaking the bank…

1. Optimize your schedule

If you work a full time job, then this is a tip you need to take very seriously. Basically, what you want to do is utilize your weekends, leaves and public holidays to create more than enough time to explore. This way, you’re not stressing about deadlines, meetings or having to follow up on ongoing tasks or activities. Remember, the plan is to log off and enjoy!


2. Save, save, save

Saving shouldn’t be limited to emergency funds or daily necessities, it should also cover fun rendezvous like travelling and making memories. Thankfully, digital banks like gomoney exist to help you save and track your expenses. All you have to do is visit your App Store or Google Play Store to get started. Download the app, register and start stashing your money.


3. Book your flights months in advance

Trust us, this is the best way to get deals and discounts that will have you dancing to spend your money. Not only does booking in advance give you peace of mind, but it also offers you flexibility with stuff like departure times, connecting flights, and airlines to choose from. So don’t wait a week or month before your trip, plan ahead!


4. Practice some loyalty

Before you start overthinking this, all it entails is registering and sticking with a particular hotel chain. A lot of hotels offer friends and family discounts or membership plans that allow you spend half or less than what their original prices for your stay will be. Think of it as bliss on a budget.


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