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How To Declutter Your Space for A Clear Mind


When you declutter your space, it helps you live a stress-free life. In other words, your physical environment affects your mental health. Not only does it boost your mood but it also has a positive impact on the way you function daily.

To declutter your space is to choose a sense of control. It’s the act of removing scattered items or removing yourself from messy situations. Whether it’s your thought process or living areas, decluttering your space is as therapeutic as it’s hygienical.

So if you’re still in your new year new me era, we’ve got you!


Check out 5 ways to declutter your space…

1. Start small and work your way up

if you want to declutter your space, then it’s important to take baby steps. Focus on one  area at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself. First off, identify the items or areas in your space that need to be arranged and act accordingly.

2. Assign specific places

The art of decluttering involves moving things from one place to the other. So when you’ve figured out what needs to be sorted out, assign specific places where they can find a new home. 

3. Use categories

To make things easier, pan out different categories for what you’re clearing out. For example, label them as “To Keep”, “To Donate”, or “To Sell”. This way, the process is easier and less daunting. 

4. Be realistic

Simply put, don’t lie to yourself. If something isn’t useful anymore, there’s no point in hoarding it and allowing it take up unnecessary space.

5. Be consistent 

Declutter your space monthly, if doing it weekly sounds like a stretch. The more you do it, the more relief you feel which in turn gives you a positive outlook on your life generally.

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