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Fun Bonding Activities To Do With Your Friends in Lagos This Weekend


If you’re big on bonding and making memories with your friends, then you know how important it is to choose the best spots. Even more essential, picking the right activities to have the perfect amount of sentimental fun.

In other words, bonding activities help you spend quality time with your faves and enjoy unique interests you may or may not have in common. Not only do you get to enjoy the vibrancy in Lagos’ plethora of hot spots, but you also get to appreciate your friendships.

So if you’re looking for some ideas on what to do with your crew this weekend, we’ve got you!

Check out 5 bonding activities to try out with your friends….

1. A Food Crawl

If you and your friends are foodies, then this is the perfect bonding activity to try out. From authentic Nigerian dishes to foreign flavors, Lagos is filled with multiple restaurants to try out and enjoy. So get your wallets and empty stomachs ready for appetizing experiences.

2. A Beach House Getaway

Another bonding activity to try is a mini staycation at the beach. Think of it…good food, alcohol, music, a massive pool to swim in and play games, and finally some sun to soak in. Trust us, this is a great way to get away from the hectic Lagos scene.

3. Movie Marathons

Are you a cinema freak or do you and your gang love binge-watching good movies or series? If yes, this is the activity for you. All you need to do is get your favorite people and snacks in one room, while you pick what to watch and have exciting banter over.

4. Games Night

Who doesn’t love some healthy competition? From board or card games to fun simulations on apps, there are number of games you can play with your faves to spark some necessary joy and adventure.

5. Self-Care Sunday

Finally, if you and your buddies are in the mood for some relaxation, then you should definitely do this. Bring out some scented candles and massage oils to have a Zen time at home. And if you feel like being pampered, all of you can chip in and book a spa session.

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