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How To Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone & Live Your Best Life


If there’s one thing that’s as rewarding as it’s scary, it’s leaving your comfort zone. Yes, it feels safe and familiar but the opportunities that exist outside it are exciting. Not only is it essential for personal growth but it enhances the quality of your life.

Additionally, escaping your comfort zone is an empowering step in the right direction. It gives you creative freedom and control over your life choices. From breaking boundaries to setting a confident pace for the different phases in your life, it’s gratifying. Think of it as owning your main character energy.

So if you’re in the mood to leave fear behind and make major moves, we’ve got you!

Check out 5 ways to leave your comfort zone…

1. Know what it is

The first thing to do to leave your comfort zone is to identify what it is. Is it not socializing enough and eating junk food? When you figure out what is, you get a clearer roadmap on how to break free from it. 

2. Set your roadmap

In other words, give yourself potential milestones to celebrate and start with baby steps. To do this, ask yourself what it’ll take to quit your comfort zone. And remember, you have to start with little intentional moves that build up your audacity to leave what feels like a safe space but is actually a trap.  

3. Embrace the discomfort that comes your way

Undoubtedly, your comfort zone is based on you being comfortable. But if you want more for yourself, you have to accept the displeasures that come with the journey. Basically don’t fight it, and don’t give up at the slightest inconvenience.

4. Show yourself some compassion

In addition to accepting the changes that come in the process, it’s important that you practice self-love. Say positive things to yourself and set affirmations that remind you of why you’re doing it and how it’s going to help you. Speak yourself into being bold!

5. Celebrate yourself 

Finally, when you’ve successfully moved away from your comfort zone, you should give yourself a treat! Whether it’s buying something you’ve always wanted or taking yourself out on a date. Don’t like solo dates? You can ask your bestie or group of friends to tag along. 

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