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How To Adopt A Weekend Routine For Premium Relaxation & Enjoyment


Ever had a weekend routine? If your answer is no, you need one ASAP. From self care activities that’ll have you relaxed to going out intentionally for some fun, it’s necessary. In other words, your weekends should make up for hectic weeks, and you have the power to make it so.

Not only does a weekend routine give you control over your time, but it keeps you stress-free. It puts all your potential leisure activities into perspective rather than being scatter brained about the best way to spend it. Even more interesting, your routine can be adopted according to your personality and budget.


So if you’re clueless about what your weekend is going to be like, we’ve got you!

Check out 5 ways to adopt a weekend routine…

1. Figure out what you need

Ask yourself questions that help you identify what you really like doing in your free time. Whether it’s sleeping, working out or clubbing, know what you enjoy to do and make the time to do it through the weekend. Additionally, make sure it can help you recharge and rejuvenate physically as much as it’s doing some mental maintenance.  

2. Be intentional and disciplined 

When it comes to weekend routines, you have to put the same amount of effort you’d put into anything else into it. When you’ve fixed hangouts, dates or gym sessions for example, stick to it!

3. Don’t Isolate yourself

Whatever plans you’ve set to engage in, make sure it involves people at some point. Yes, self-care depends on a lot of ‘me time’, but there’s something refreshing about socializing too. For instance, calling a friend or your boo to vent about annoying things that happened over the week can be therapeutic.

4. Set boundaries

Say no to excessive work calls or overbearing interactions in your circle during the weekends. Likewise, try unplugging and staying away from intense social media posts or news. Set boundaries that apply to both you and the people in your life. 

5. Be flexible 

Finally, you need to keep an open mind with your weekend routine. Yes, you should have a schedule of your own but equally, you need to say yes to spontaneous invitations or opportunities to live your best life. 

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