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How To Know They’re Not Into You…


One of the hardest things you can experience in dating is finding out that they’re not into you. Ugh! It stings, and sometimes there’s some denial or it’s almost as if you’re the problem but hear us out…you’re not. In fact, nobody is.

The simple truth is that it’s perfectly okay for somebody to not be into you. We’re all wired differently and our preferences differ when it comes to attraction. Whether you’re geared towards focusing on the physical or you’re a sapiosexual, everybody has a type. But what are the tell signs for this confusing and painful situation?

Check out 6 signs that mean he/she is not into you…

1. They’re not reciprocating your energy

You’ll always feel like you’re doing the most when someone is not into you. The energy is not matched and the effort to keep it up is nowhere to be found. They’ll probably take days to reply a message or leave you on “read” or “seen”. To top it off, you’re always more excited to communicate than they are. Once you clock this, move on and don’t waste your time. If you stay persistent regardless, you’re embarrassing yourself!

This is just sad and similar to the first point. You shouldn’t be the one always suggesting a date or a hook up. It screams desperation and almost makes you seem like you have no chill or standards. Yes, you should go for what you want but when it doesn’t want you back or isn’t even trying to want you…just stop.

3. They don’t care about what’s going on in your life

The thought of you existing is enough for somebody that is not into you. Basically, they don’t want more details about your life because they couldn’t care less. From major news like a job promotion or a fallout with a friend to little details like your favorite color or food…it’s not anything special to them.

4. They blow you off easily

When you finally agree to see, they don’t show up or they do one out of 8 times. It’s very easy for an uninterested person to stand you up on a date. Half the time, you’re being blown off for the person they actually like and want to be with. And if you always find yourself making excuses for them, stop!

5. They’ve told you!

This is where denial comes in. They’ve told you in plain words “I’m not into you”, “I’m not looking for anything serious right now” or “I’m not interested”. So even after hearing any of those, you’ve chosen to still raise your hopes up…there’s a problem. You can’t force a person into liking you or being in a relationship. Take a hint and move on.

6. Your Instincts are telling you something’s off

If your gut feeling is constantly making you feel like something is off or wrong, 80% of the time it’s right. More importantly, it should be trusted and followed. This will keep you firm in your standards and self-worth.

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