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5 Things To Do This Weekend To Celebrate Your Inner Child


When it comes to celebrating your inner child, it’s a beautiful experience. It gives you the opportunity to add some playfulness, creativity and pure joy into your life. And this weekend, the Children’s Day celebration is a great excuse to tap into all of this intentionally.

In other words, tapping into your inner child this weekend is your own adult way of acknowledging the day. Even more interesting, it doesn’t matter if you’re a parent or not. All you need to do is think of your fondest memories as a kid, the activities you enjoyed or missed out on. After doing this, you can decide on how grand or subtle your celebration will be.

So if you’re in the mood for some childhood fun, we’ve got you!

5 things to do this weekend to celebrate your inner child…

1. Have a movie/series marathon

First off on our list of celebrating your inner child is binge-watching your favorite childhood tv shows or movies. Thankfully, almost everything can be found online so this is quite an easy pick. Whether it’s animated or not, sit back, get some snacks and enjoy!

2. Eat your favorite treats or meals

Speaking of snacks, food is a great way to reminisce on some childhood memories. From treats like Chesse Balls and Cabin Biscuits to Capri sonne, stock up on them and indulge yourself all you want!


3. Get creative

If you loved arts and crafts as a kid, then your inner child will thoroughly love this. Tap into your artistic side by painting, drawing or completing a coloring book. Let your imagination spark some much needed joy!


4. Go on a childhood friendship date

Do you have friends who you’ve known since you were a kid? Then this definitely for you. Organize a cute day out that allows you guys reminisce on how far you’ve come, unlock and relive amazing memories. Additionally, this helps you appreciate each other much more as adults.

5. Play games

Finally, a great way to have some excitement as as an adult now is to play some old games. From board and card games to outdoor activities, try playing them alone or get a group of friends together and have a childhood themed games night.


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