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3 Things We Need To Know Right Now as Young Nigerians

It goes without saying, that young Nigerians are feeling a lot of things right now. In other words, the Gen Z and Millennial demographics of the country have gone from feeling hopeful to rethinking what the word ‘hope’ actually means.

Not only did young Nigerians push for the collection of PVCs pre-election, but they showed up and showed out in numbers to vote on the 25th of February. However, the results announced overnight on the 1st of March tarnished the expectations had for a free and fair election towards a better Nigeria. So the question now, is where do we go from here?

The answer to this isn’t easy but simple. Forward regardless. Active citizenship is something this generation has pioneered strongly, and with such determination comes great results eventually.


If you’re young and overwhelmed with everything going on, this is for you.

Check out 3 things you need to know right now as a young Nigerian…

1. You’ve made a positive difference historically

Although headlines say that the turnout for the 2023 Presidential Elections was low at 27%, history was made regardless. People turned up in thousands to vote but were disenfranchised and assaulted. The display of crowds can be attributed to the prompts made by young people on social media and offline were some even had house parties were people could register. Such proactive actions can never be forgotten. To prove this further, the amount of social media posts calling out bad government and processes with constitutional proof rather than clout chasing continues to abound.

Your voice matters and it cannot be silenced!

2. Your generation embodies change 

When it comes to young Nigerians, unity is something that can be seamless. But at the same time, archaic views from older generations or backward thinking youths can often affect this if, and when allowed. For example, tribalism is something that has reared its ugly head in the midst of the current electoral processes. But positively and aggressively, a lot of young people have spoken up and blocked series of tribalist views from affecting change being achieved collectively. 

3. There’s work to be done 

Finally, as a young Nigerian, know that there will always be work to be done. October 2020 proved this, and the 2023 elections is currently proving it further. In the midst of intimidation, you must forge ahead. Yes, seeking greener pastures abroad is a privilege  some can afford but you’d always be a second class citizen in other countries. So taking care of Nigeria as ‘home’ is important so there’s something to come back to or be proud of. The work continues with active citizenship, participation and contribution. In whatever field you find yourself, do something to add to the national cake. 

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