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Fake Friendships & How They Might Actually Be Good For You


When it comes to fake friendships, initial reactions fall under disappointment. However, they can be the life savers you never knew you needed. Basically, if you can overlook the deceit, betrayal and manipulation that comes with them, it’s a life accessory.

In other words, fake friendships are the new must-have experience to navigate life. Think about it, it’s a hurtful but necessary way to know who is for or against you. Yes, they can sting like a MF, but they teach you a thing or two about being careful in your day-to-day interactions.

So if you’re painfully going through a rot caused by a buddy turned foe, we’re here to help you look at the bright side.

Check out 5 reasons why fake friendships can actually be good for you…

1. They help you learn boundaries

Whether you like it or not, fake friendships introduce to the world of boundaries. Not only do they teach you how to set them, but they also show you the best ways to. From limited communication patterns with how much information you share to fewer physical interactions, you learn necessary pre-cautions.

2. They help you learn the art of manipulation

Yep, they help you learn wickedness first hand. To recognize something before avoiding it often requires a front row seat to study it. When you’ve been tricked into trusting someone, you’re able to know what signs to look out for and run away from moving forward.

3. They help you become besties with your intuition 

If you sucked at following your gut instincts before, fake friendships help you change that. Whether it’s the things being said or body language, your senses become sharper towards BS in future friendships or relationships in general.

4. They help you reduce the noise in your life

Fake friendships have a way of removing unnecessary elements from your life. For example, when you identify a fake friend, it makes cutting off unhealthy or invaluable connections in your circle easier.

5. They help you appreciate your true friends  

Finally, fake friends help you appreciate the friends that are truly good to you. It opens your eyes to the value of true support and love in your life. 

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