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Weird Things To Try Out For Better Sex

When it comes to sex, it should be as pleasurable as possible. And to nail this to a t, you have to be open minded to trying weird things sometimes. Asides paying attention to what you and your partner enjoy, there’s a plethora of stuff to incorporate.

In other words, your sex life has to be explorative to be exciting. From positions, toys, methods and techniques, there’s a bunch of unique stuff to do. Why should you even bother? Well, as you grow in your relationships, your emotion, body and desires change. As such, you want to make sure you’re constantly doing better for maximum  pleasure.

So if you’re in the mood to spice things up sexually, we’ve got you!

Check out 5 weird things to try out for better sex…

1. Try a different location/setting 

Sex doesn’t have to be done in a conventional setting. For example, try your car or kitchen for a change. Additionally, different spots in your bedroom works perfectly as well. Not only, does this create a new rhythm for you and your boo, but it also helps you try out new positions.

2. Introduce food or edible items

Food and sex aren’t far off from each other when it comes to pleasure. From whipped cream, chocolate and strawberries, there’s a list of delicious treats to turn you all the way on. To enjoy this, try placing them on favorite parts of you or your lover’s body.

3. Bring in some props

Blindfolds anyone? To experience a bit of newness in your sex life, try bringing in some items to the bedroom. For instance, earphones and blindfolds help to introduce sensory play which heightens your libido.

4. Temperature play

Similarly to bringing food into your bedroom, try temperature play with heat and coolness. To achieve this, you’d need some ice or wax to rub on your partner’s erogenous zones.

5. Tease for a while

When you hold off on sex with your partner for a while, tension builds up. This makes for great sex, especially when you’ve spent ample time thinking of what you want to do to them. Try holding back for a week and watch the magic that happens.

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