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How To Multidate in Lagos in 2023: Navigate The Streets Like A Pro


When people hear the word ‘multidate’, they assume the worst. Typically, majority think it’s a clever way to play the Lagos dating field without bearing responsibilities. Well, yes and no. What do we mean? Multidating is more complex and beneficial than harmful.

To multidate is to get to know different people at the same time combined with adventurous levels of self-discovery. Simply put, it’s learning the dos and don’ts of dating while figuring out what you like and what you can’t stand. It’s the modern way of owning your dating strengths and flaws audaciously. 

So if you’re a Lagos baddie or big boy looking to find love or have some fun, this is for you.

Check out 5 ways to multidate in Lagos like a pro…

1. Know what you want 

Before you multidate, ask yourself what it is exactly that you’re looking for. Is it multiple sexual partners or dating activities that lead to an exclusive relationship? When you answer this, you give yourself a sense of direction and avoid unnecessary drama. Remember, Lagos is already chaotic enough as it is.

2. Be transparent but smart

One thing you should do is be honest with the people you’re seeing about the fact that they’re not the only ones. Don’t mislead anyone into thinking that they’re the only ones you’re talking to. Similarly, you don’t want multiple babes or guys thinking that they have a solid potential with you if they don’t.

3. Be open minded

You can’t multidate without an openness to different dynamics or personalities. Sometimes, opposites attract and people bring different things to the table. Yes, you should have boundaries but be willing to try things outside your comfort zone. Whether it’s sexually or with any other forms of intimacy, don’t be closed off.

4. Be confident 

Handling multiple dating partners requires confidence. Don’t be too timid, speak your mind and be charismatic with what you want with each person or the one person you end up going into a proper relationship with. If someone that’s attracted to you senses fear, it might ward them off from trying anything with you.

This is a very important point to keep. In fact, it should be maintained and practiced with every individual you choose to date at any point in time. Don’t force people to do what they don’t want to, and don’t overstep the boundaries they have set just to fulfil your desires or show your affection.


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