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Passion or Profit? How To Know If You Should Choose What You Love Or What Pays


2022 is coming to an end, and believe it or not the passion or profit argument is still a thing. In other words, people still ask themselves if getting a job that pays is more realistic, or if doing what they love should be the ideal option.

From comparing the pros of passion or profit to the cons of both, it’s okay to be confused about the way out. Not only does the internal debate give you clarity, but it also helps solidify major life decisions. Without a doubt, life humbles us into thinking a robust paycheck is all that matters due to economic or social factors. However, a plethora of TED talks and motivational speakers say the secret to success lies in the path of following your passion.

So what’s our advice? We’re on the wavelength of striking a balance and we’ve got a list to help.

Check out 5 ways to strike a balance between passion and profit…

1. Define your goals

Deciding between passion or profit starts with identifying your career goals. Basically, what do you want out of having a job, and which one falls under the separate “P”s ? is it more money, knowledge, opportunities, recognition or fulfillment? Narrow them down specifically and understand what they mean to you.

2. Start where you are

In the process of figuring stuff out with passion or profit, start working with what’s accessible to you and you can end up fusing both over time. For example, if you love to cook and you have ingredients at home, use your kitchen and work out delivery logistics and profit systems. Similarly, if you’re a digital marketer with a passion for content creation, use your experience to build yourself up as a brand.

3. Keep looking for opportunities

Believe it or not, there are people who do what they love and make good money out of it. What does this mean? It simply means that there are opportunities for both, you just have to keep looking. Keep a consistent search streak for jobs that align with your personal and financial goals, as well as working conditions that can help you grow the way you want to in your area of interest.

4. Set priorities

The passion or profit debate is valid, but your reality should be a strong determining factor. To understand this better, ask yourself which holds more value in your current situation and go from there. If it’s earning money and a job that feeds this comes your way in a desperate time, take it. Subsequently, shift priorities by doing what you actually love or incorporate it in your profit making environment ethically.

5. Cultivate joy and happiness

If you’re in a position where doing what you love isn’t possible for whatever reason, there are ways to make it work for you. Whether it’s working with people who give you peace of mind and make you happy to working on tasks that spark creativity and inspiration, try to be optimistic.

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