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Stress Factors At Work & How To Get Rid of Them


When it comes to stress at work, it almost seems unavoidable for the most part. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Whether it’s unrealistic deadlines and toxic colleagues, there’s always a solution. Nobody should be subjected to constant exhaustion mentally or physically.

In other words, stress at work can show up in many forms. It can be experienced through feelings of anxiety and high levels of irritability that lead to a loss of interest in work. Additionally, it can be caused due to a dissatisfaction with work that has put a hectic strain on your overall wellbeing.


So if you’re feeling the above very strongly, we’re here to help!

Check out 5 stress factors at work and how to get rid of them…

1. Heavy workloads & long hours

Nothing screams stress like bulky workload and long hours. It’s important to note that being an employee doesn’t equal being a slave. Take a bold step and speak to your line manager or supervisor on reconsidering deadlines if possible. Also, find a work-life balance by knowing when to stop working. 

2. Unclear job responsibilities & expectations 

To have a seamless or healthy workflow, it’s important to know your job description to a t. Basically, you want to make sure the expectations of your role are clearly mapped out. This way, you won’t be given tasks that have nothing to do with you or be envisioned to do things that you shouldn’t. Simply put, it helps you set boundaries.

3. Conflicts & lack of teamwork

Here, stress can be caused by either you or the parties involved. To solve whatever issues being faced, be realistic and ask yourself if you’re doing enough or not of what is required. Are you contributing enough? and are you being easy enough to work it? Additionally, how are the people on your team treating you and what can be better?

4. Lack of support

It’s important to identify pillars within your role, if possible. Essentially, you want to make sure there’s room to delegate if necessary instead of crumbling under pressure. Ask questions within your organization from the right people and get the support or help needed. 

5. Inadequate benefits or compensation 

A huge stress factor at work can be a lack or rewards and recognition. For example, if you’re working tirelessly and you haven’t been given the raise or promotion due, you need to speak up. Speak up for yourself and make sure your value is respected.

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