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5 Ugly Truths To Accept About Yourself Today


Have you ever tried to assess ugly truths about yourself? If your answer is no, then this is for you. Not only does coming to terms with some not-so-great parts of your life help you practice mindfulness, but it helps you love yourself more.

In other words, ugly truths are necessary reality checks that take a load of your mind. It’s not about self-condemnation, it’s basically a step towards self-awareness and acceptance. Basically, it gives you a healthy outlook and approach for living you day to day life. If you still have doubts, see it as a process of self-development that your future self can thank you for.

So to help kickstart getting out of your comfort zone and getting to know yourself a little bit better, we’ve got tips for you!

Check out 5 ugly truths to accept about yourself today…

1. Imperfections and flaws

The first set of ugly truths you should definitely come to terms with are your imperfections. Accept that you have features or things you can’t change. However, if there’s room for improvement or enhancing them, then you can do something to help yourself learn to love them.

2. Emotional baggage

Everyone has this. Whether it’s from childhood experiences or recent traumas spanning from adulthood, everybody has some form of emotional baggage and it’s perfectly okay. The most important thing is that you’re acknowledging it and working on it to make sure you’re not hurting people around you.

3. The past

Life comes with experiences, and we all have archives of them. But what we should keep in mind is holding on to every single one of them is harmful. Don’t spend your life living in regret and beating yourself up for things you’ve done or could have done better. What matters is who you are now.

4. Ignorance

Being emotionally intelligent or book smart doesn’t equate to knowing absolutely everything. You need to accept the fact that there’s still so much you don’t know due to limited experiences or just unique situations. Additionally, knowing this should help you be kinder and more open minded with other people.

5. Biases and Prejudices

Finally, everyone carries biases and prejudices, even if they are unconscious. What is of importance is the ability to confront and challenge these biases to promote empathy, inclusivity, and fairness.

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