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How To Spot Career Red Flags: A Corporate Superstar’s Guide


When it comes to career red flags, there’s a plethora of stuff to look out for. Whether you’re a newbie at employment or a long-term 9-5er, they still apply to you. From poor systems and structures to toxic people, they are the warning signs you should always look out for.

In other words, career red flags are negative indications that pose potential problems with a job. Additionally, they can be existing issues that at first glance seem trivial but are detrimental to your success and overall wellbeing. Simply put, nobody should consistently risk their health or progress for a career that sucks.


So if you’re feeling depressed or you find a job questionable, we’ve got you!

Check out 5 career red flags to look out for…

1. Poor communication

First off on the list of career red flags is poor or terrible communication. If modes of interaction within a company are unclear, inconsistent or don’t even exist, then there’s a problem. Without effective communication opportunities, you’d be prone to a lot of misunderstandings and mistakes. 

2. Low salary or benefits

In the words of Funke Akindele, “Run o”. Basically, slaving away at a job day and night without adequate pay is something you should avoid. Ask yourself and find out if you’re being paid and valued at industry standard with your skillset. If the answer is no, you know what to do!

3. No work-life balance

Another career red flag to skip out on is inflexible schedules. When you start to notice your job depriving you of a healthy personal life that helps you socialize and take care of yourself, there’s a problem.

4. A terrible company culture

From toxicity and discrimination to hostile environments, do yourself a favor and stay away from bad company cultures. Not only does a terrible one mess with your morale, but it could have a negative impact on your future career path.

5. High turnover rate

Finally, a major career red flag to look out for is the rate at which employees leave the company. A high turnout rate can be a strong indication of poor or horrible management which you should dodge once clocked. 

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