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How To Practice Workplace Wellness: A Corporate Superstar’s Guide


Ever heard of workplace wellness? Basically, it’s taking intentional steps to take care of your mental and physical health while you’re at work. In other words, making sure you’re as healthy as you’re functional at your 9-5.

When it comes to workplace wellness, time and stress management, as well as having a work-life balance is key. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to work hard at what you do to improve your standard of living. But think of it this way, how can you enjoy your life if you’re burnt out and constantly flustered?


So if you’re a corporate baddie or babyboy looking for some wellness tips, we’ve got you!

Check out 5 ways to practice workplace wellness…

1. Create intentionality all round

First off on our list of workplace wellness tips is intentionality. From your processes and interactions to habits and your personal space, you need to be willing and disciplined. Make sure you’re constantly affirming and giving out peaceful vibes. This way, bad energy isn’t something that would come your way often, and even when it does, you’ll be ready to get rid of it.

2. Stay organized 

Simply put, try not to be scatter-brained or messy with your habits and surroundings. Keep your desk clutter-free and as sanitary as possible. Also, create a to-do list and mind map for everything and anything that concerns you. When you do this, overthinking and sitting with and in discomfort is avoided.

3. Watch your nutrition

If you think workplace wellness has nothing to do with food, think again. Eating a bunch of junk food while you work slows down your productivity and makes your body feel like crap gradually. So to make sure this isn’t a problem, try eating a piece of fruit or snacks that have whole grains.

4. Be as active as possible

Don’t be the guy or babe that sits at their desk all day slouching and staring at a screen. Try walking around appropriate spaces in your office, and stretch when you can. If possible, step outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air and vitamin D. 

5. Cultivate positive relationships

Finally, the way you relate with your colleagues influences your workplace wellness streak. Essentially, you’d be spending more time with your colleagues in a week than anyone else. As such, you want to make sure there’s a kind and courteous string of communication with them.

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