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How To Practice Your Love Languages On Yourself This Weekend

When it comes to love languages, people mostly think of satisfying someone else’s. In other words, they only come up in relationship conversations. From romantic situations to platonic ones, it’s almost a rule of thumb. However, there’s a selfish aspect to it that is often ignored rather than seen as an act of self-love.

To clarify, love languages can be expressed and practiced by yourself, for yourself. Not only does it take care of your emotional needs, but it’s also exhilarating mentally. Whether it’s in the comfort of your home or a preferred location away from it, it’s ultimately beneficial.


So if you’re looking to give yourself some TLC this weekend, we’ve got you!

Check out 5 ways to practice your love languages on yourself…

1. Words of affirmation

Top of the list of love languages is words of affirmation. If it’s yours, saying kind and positive things to yourself is a good place to begin. As an alternative, you can try writing down your favorite qualities about yourself as reminders. Before expecting anyone else to see your worth, you have to see it first.

2. Quality time

If there are activities that give you endorphins, help you relax or rejuvenate you, make out time for them. Simply put, go on a date with yourself! Spoil yourself silly with some self-care if you have hobbies that fit into that category. You’ll be left fulfilled and happy, while you learn to enjoy your own company.

3. Receiving gifts

Who doesn’t love a good treat or sweet gesture? Get yourself some things that give you joy. For example, try ordering your favorite food or new books to read. Equally splurging on a shopping spree for clothes, shoes or jewelry within a budget counts.

4. Acts of service

Nothing screams self-care more than prioritizing your needs. Try re-organizing and designing your living space to uplift your spirits. To feel good about yourself further, save up and pay for a service or bill you typically won’t cover if it’s usually provided by another person.

5. Physical touch

Finally, of all love languages, physical touch has a more intimate feel to it. To practice it on yourself, a self-massage, yoga, stretching and a warm bath with some therapeutic oils and salts help. Essentially, look for what your body enjoys best and do it!

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