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I Cheated On My Boyfriend With His Twin


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They say dating an identical twin isn’t hard. If you love them, you should be able to tell them apart and know who your boo is. And this is true, I always knew A. Let’s call him “A”  and his brother “P” so I don’t confuse you lol.

A and I met at the passport office a year ago. He met me in tout mode where I was arguing with an official who had collected bribe and was trying to sneak him and his twin into the line…if you know you know. Anyway, when he realized how pissed I and some other people were, he apologized and went to the back of the line. I could see his brother looking at him like he was a fool but I was impressed.

We finished the whole process at the same time and when I was about to enter my car, he followed me and apologized again. He’s so fine so i won’t even lie, the anger left my body quicker than it normally would. He asked for my number and we stood there talking about Nigeria, our lives and potentially going on a date.

Anyway, we started dating and it’s been 9 months. But something crazy happened earlier this month. His parents were leaving the country to relocate so they had this farewell weekend getaway with everybody including A’s twin P, and their sister and her husband. 

One night, after we had all had dinner and gisted for a while. I went to the bar of the restaurant to have a drink cause A doesn’t drink so I usually have to do stuff like that alone. P found me there and came with the intention to trick me into thinking it was his brother cause they wore the same white trad. But as a sharp babe, I called his BS and we laughed it off, talked and drank a lot.

The details of that night are blurry but I remember being hot and suggesting we went swimming. But the next morning, I woke up in P’s car naked and curled up in his arms. I woke him up and we both realized we had sex. I was so scared, I burst out crying and yelling “what have I done?”. P calmed me down and kept saying we couldn’t tell anyone. I had like 50 missed calls from A when I checked my phone.

I called him back and told him I needed to clear my head so I left the hotel. We argued a bit because he spent the night looking for me. P’s car was parked at a hidden spot so I’m not surprised he couldn’t and apparently, P sent them a text saying he was going back to his house to pick something.

It feels like he planned this whole thing and I feel super guilty. I love A so much and I can tell he knows something is off cause I’ve been acting weird…I don’t know how to hide my emotions. 

What should I do?

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