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How To Handle Monday Blues Like A Champ If You Hate Mondays


When it comes to Mondays, I think we can all agree that they kinda suck. Well, not all the time but for the most part, people hate the tension that comes with it. From endless meetings and calls to the traffic when you’re commuting or just going back to work after a lit weekend, it’s not a fan favorite.

Mondays aren’t the problem, if we’re being honest. The real issue with this work day is the intense reality check it brings. For some, it’s realizing that you have to go back to a job that you don’t like. And for others, it’s the anxiety and stress that comes with getting through tasks, known or impromptu. Either way, Monday blues can be exhausting. 


So if you’re currently dreading work today, we’ve got some helpful tips for you!

Check out 5 ways to handle Monday blues…

1. Don’t think about it

To avoid having negative thoughts about Mondays, distract yourself from acknowledging it. Basically, try not to think of the date or day throughout working hours and just immerse yourself in whatever you’re working on. You need to trick your mind into thinking it’s just a normal day that requires a certain level of effort from you to get to the end of it. 

2. Write a to-do list

At fist glance, this seems like a basic normal thing to do. However, it helps to tackle the anxiety and overwhelming emotions tied to tasks. Having a sense of organization gives you control over your day, taking the power back from Monday and its stressful vibe. 

3.Get some Vitamin D

Instead of being indoors all through your Monday, step outside and soak up some sun. Spending an average of 15 minutes in it can help refresh your mood and it gives a burst of energy that overrides moodiness or depressive thoughts.

4. Listen to something

Not only does this help you get in the groove of things, but it feeds your mind and energy. For example, try listening to a calming playlist or insightful/interesting podcast while performing tasks. This way, you’re entertaining your mind while you work, and giving it some moral support unconsciously.

5. Do something you love

Yes, Mondays are for work and come with a serious tone. But interestingly, you can incorporate something that brings you joy or endorphins to release stress. Whether it’s eating your favorite snack at lunch time, or even working out before or after work…do something for yourself!


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