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How to Improve Your Brain Health This Week

If you’re a productivity addict, then your brain function should be a health priority. From  slowing down overthinking habits to combatting spiraling tendencies, brain care is a thing!

In other words, your brain function relies on how best you can care for it. The brain goes through a plasticity almost everyday where it’s constantly changing by acquiring new information and repairing broken ones. Even more interesting, it does this both consciously and unconsciously.

So how do you indulge in some brain care?

Check out 5 ways to improve your brain function this week…

1. Do Some Exercise

You know all those gym enthusiasts you make fun of so much, guess what? Their brains are probably healthier than yours. No shade, but working out is a great way to improve your mental strength and abilities. Partaking in regular physical activities helps with increased blood flow to the brain which protects you from possible cognitive impairments.


2. Eat for Your Brain

This sounds weird but it’s no brainer when it comes to improving your brain function. Going with a healthy diet that comprises of vegetables, fish and nuts will do you some good. Cut down on your junk food and less saturated fats.


3. Say No to Stress

Yes, no doubt this sounds like a tough one, but managing your stress levels is a good way to look after your brain. With calming activities like yoga, meditation or listening to relaxing sounds/music…there are a couple of ways to do this. Remember, your emotions feed into your thoughts a lot so practice some self-care and awareness.


4. Try Not to Be As Anti-Social As Possible

Maintaining strong positive social connections are great for your brain. Studies show that this helps to lower blood pressure issues and the risks of dementia long-term. Spend more time with your family and friends or try engaging in new activities that you might be interested in.


5. Get Quality Sleep

A healthy sleep pattern is key to a better brain function. Your brain works overtime to repair itself so giving it quality and adequate rest matters a lot. Not only will it refresh the complex organ, but it will help with its consolidating and storing abilities for your memories.


image source: pexels.com

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