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Yet another Friday is here again!

We’re all going to that good ‘relax and chill’ period again, and of course, would need good movies for the chill-ness to be real.

I’m pretty sure you enjoyed the movies I recommended last week, or else, you wouldn’t be here again for more.

Well, guess what?

I have more movies for you to go stream on Netflix!?

So, for this weekend, I’ll be recommending 3 movies for you to watch, and you can as well recommend some of yours to me.

I need something new to watch as well. Come on guys! ?

So, you going to recommend some to me?


Ok here y’go;

So, if you like some action in your movies with a bit of humorous scriptwriting in between, then you should definitely check out What Happened to Monday(2017). It is an interesting movie about sextuplets living in a time of one-child policy, but you know the rules… No spoilers

If you’re a fan of sports and definitely basketball, then The Last Dance (2020) is one of the best documentaries on Netflix, *period*. You havee to check it out on your own to understand why it is called one of the best, I do not give out spoilers, remember?

And finally, for those who love crime dramas like me, oh please do check out The Irishman (2019). Damn… That’s all I can say

So, there you go guys. Stream them from Netflix or download, it’s all your choice.

Also, don’t forget to drop your comments below on some movie recommendations for me as well. I’ll be looking forward to them?.

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