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Fri-Yay! 3 Movie Recommendations for the weekend

It’s almost the weekend again. That time when some of us still have to keep working and some of you have time to just stay home and have some ‘relax and chill’ moment.

So what do you say to us starting both our weekends right away?

I’ll recommend to you 3 series I think you can start on, and you recommend to me 3 series you think I should watch out for as well.

Sound cool?

Ok here ya go;

Firstly, if you’re like me and love some crime, mind games, and of course some good looking casts (Think POWER) then, you definitely should check out QUEEN OF THE SOUTH. 

No spoilers people.. No no no

Ok. So, for those who like a bit of historical drama set around the British royal family, whoof… Check out THE TUDORS

Really, I’m getting tempted to give you spoilers, but, no no no.

And for my third recommendation, if you enjoy some sci-fi (not the robotics nonsense on TV), but real, psychological, mind control, mind something something something… I won’t say it out. Waste your data if you like?, check out SENSE8.

And there you go guys!

Some are not on Netflix I think but check out the internet, it’s quite a very vast little place.

So, drop your comments below guys. 

I also want some new series for the weekend?

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