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Nairabox which was founded in 2015 by Ugochukwu ‘Jay’ Chikezie and Adetokunbo Adetona is a lifestyle concierge platform that allows its users to buy airtime on-the-go, pay bills, buy food, donate to any charity of their choice, and buy movie or event tickets.

Recently, there has been a power shift within the administration of the startup as the co-founder/co-CEO of Nairabox, Ugochukwu ‘Jay’ Chikezie has stepped down from his position, leaving Adetokunbo Adetona to the sole leadership role of the company.

Before this transmission in power, Adetona came into Nairabox as the managing director and CFO in 2016, before he became the Director, Finance, and Technology in 2018, joining Ugochukwu in running the startup.

One major factor for this change in leadership structure is the pair’s commitment to telemedicine company, Tremendoc.

Chikezie started Tremendoc, a telemedicine company in 2017, and owing to the recent spike in demand for telemedicine globally due to the current pandemic, is moving in full-time to head his new startup, while leaving Adetokunbo behind at Nairabox to steer the reins as he sees fit.

With the considerable amount of growth that both start-ups have achieved in recent years, I really look forward to what both startups intend to do next in the nearest future.

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