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My Dear Country, Get Well Soon

My dear country get well soon! Your life has been very turbulent and plagued by trials and tribulations. You were unfortunate to have been fostered by the military for many years and now that you have finally become an adult, you have suffered a fatal accident. 

The hospital’s report is very grim but we hang on to hope. We were told that you suffered several fractures and a broken femur. You also experienced some internal bleeding and a ruptured spleen. Though this accident occurred a couple of years ago I heard you still suffer dearly due to inadequate care. 

On your hospital records, we can see that a healthcare professional has been able to tend to your wounds and now you are in stable conditions. The report shows that though you have been patched up, you will require extensive surgery for you to get back on your feet. 

All your children and well wishers have asked for the best surgeons in the land to audition and we got 76 applications as this is a high profile case. Some of this candidates have good resumes but can’t afford to mount a campaign to be front runners for your surgery. We are now stuck with two options. The current health professional who is not a surgeon or a med school drop out who knows some anatomy but has never performed a successful surgery. 

We your children want the best for you and we have to decide whether we trust the drop out enough to save you or we wait another four years on life support for another set of surgeons. We may lose you to both options. 

The foreign hospitals have asked for you to be transferred. They have great surgeons but from experience they will treat you but we may never stop paying the bills and it’s possible they will not discharge you as a result 

My fellow country people, this is a hard choice. May I dare to ask us to pray for a miracle because if this patient dies we will all become homeless

Just my thoughts.
Vote not Fight
Say no to any form of violence

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