The Role Of ICT in Cybersecurity

If you’ve worked for an enterprise organization, you know they take cybersecurity seriously. They might have a team of 50 or more dedicated to managing cybersecurity operations and GRC (governance, risk and compliancy). Many even have a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to lead the overall strategy. One-quarter of enterprises spend at least 10 percent[…]

6 Goal Setting Tips That Will Bring You Success

What is goal setting? Goal setting simply means setting yourself life goals that you wish to achieve at some point in your life. These goals can be big or small. Some will take days, some will take years, every goal is different and everyone has a different time frame for completing goals. Your goals are[…]

Is African Market Ready For More Internet Access?

The prospect of connecting Africa’s 55 countries and over one billion people via better road and rail networks has often run into the challenge of raising the billions of dollars needed to turn a decades-old vision into reality. While the investment in building and maintaining intra-country road networks has been slow in coming, connecting Africa via the internet[…]

Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli – Our Woman Crush This Wednesday 1303

Woman Crush Wednesday Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli, MFR is a Co-Founder of Sahel Consulting and serves as its managing partner. She has 23 years of experience in international development, and through her work with Sahel has shaped agriculture strategy and policy in West Africa for a range of clients in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.[…]

Unlocking Agricultural Opportunities By Ndidi Nwuneli

Ndidi Nwuneli, founder of Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism (LEAP) Africa, has advised Nigerians to key into the vast opportunities that abound in agriculture during the event of a small and medium enterprise (SME) focused empowerment programme organised by Salem International Christian Center (SICC) in Lagos. According to her, Nigerians tend to “box themselves in[…]

Nigerian billionaire, Tony Elumelu, Shares 5 Useful Tips For Young Professionals

After spending time with some outstanding people described as “the next generation of young leaders,” the accomplished businessman, took to his blog to share some important career advice for people who are hungry for success. They are: How you start is important According to him, young professionals need to start out right in a well-structured[…]

Workplace Sexual Harassment; Are you guilty or a victim?

Quietly, thousands of women (and men but predominantly women) in the world face an uphill battle at home, at work and on college campuses. The battle is sexual harassment. The numbers are staggering. Every day, hundreds of thousands of women are sexually harassed. In the developing nations, because of customs and traditions, women are afraid[…]

Innovation in Agriculture: The Path Forward

Global agriculture is facing an unprecedented challenge. The world’s population is expected to swell by two billion people by 2050. Food demand will double in the next three decades with a 50 percent increase in protein demand. At the same time, crops are being diverted for feed and fuel, land for agricultural expansion is scarce,[…]

Crowdfunding Is Fast Breaking Financial Barriers For Nigeria Start-Ups

There are a couple of online platforms in Nigeria now that allow people to raise funds. Nigerian companies are increasingly adopting crowdfunding as an alternative funding means, mostly via initial coin offerings (ICOs). In the buildup to Nigeria’s general elections in 2015, the campaign team of Muhammadu Buhari utilized crowdfunding to source for money to[…]

Marketing to your Employees Will Deliver More Value

Big or small, internal communication is an essential part of a successful organization therefore it must be done deliberately and strategically. Many CEOs have expressed their concerns over the attitude of employees. They say ‘they don’t get it’. The lack of commitment or dedication to work, the routine approach to task, rather than the expected[…]