If you live in an area where non-cost reflective tariffs still eat up your monthly salary, then I don’t know whom you can blame.

However, if you live in an area where you ought to use an electric meter so you can save cost on the price of your electric power, but you still choose not to, then the blame is solely on you.

In 2010 after the privatization of the country’s power industry, electric bills had no clear-cut system in its pricing methodology as it really couldn’t tell the amount of electric power each household consumed, or the actual price to be paid for this power by each household.

Chantelle Abdul was among the first Nigerians to solve this problem by creating a stable system of pricing in the country.

Her company allowed for the easy payments of the actual price of power each household consumed.

Born in Nigeria but educated in the US and UK, Chantelle Abdul is the CEO of Mojec International Holdings, a Nigerian-owned conglomerate with its operating portfolio spread across the power, mining, technology, energy, and agriculture sector in Africa and Asia.

To combat the exorbitant bill-pricing system of disco companies across the country, Chantelle Abdul established Mojec International Limited, a smart-meter assemblage facility with a production capacity of about a million meters yearly.

Her company specializes in meter distribution across different African countries, and her ultimate ambition is to have her business listed on the New York Stock Exchange as she seeks to drive her company to international stature and prestige.

Chantelle Abdul has received numerous awards for her accomplishments in the power sector, including the 2016 Outstanding Woman In Power regional awards by the West African Power industry, Most Enterprising Female of the Year 2018, and a whole lot of other awards and laurels all to her name.

Chantelle also mentors and promotes other emerging entrepreneurs across the African continent, and she has often been quoted as preaching,“Have a dream and do not allow anybody to talk you out of that dream.”

Chantelle Abdul is our #WiT for today’s episode of Gender Convos.